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Welcome to The Swedish Horticultural Society

The Swedish Horticultural Society is the country’s leading association of amateur gardeners. The society acts as an umbrella organization for some 160 local associations and their regional bodies, as well as individual members. In all, there are about 32 000 members.

The Swedish Horticultural Society was formed in 1900 when it was known as the Pomological Society of Sweden. It is a voluntary organization, free from religious or political affiliations, and its purpose is to promote amateur gardening and to work for the general improvement of horticulture and the environment in which people live in Sweden.

The society publishes “Hemträdgården”, a magazine for members which appears six times a year. The magazine contains practical advice, gardening hints and articles on notable gardens, and gardening history by the country’s leading horticultural publicists and photographers, together with news, book reviews, etc. (Articles in Swedish only).
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Local horticultural societies run their own programmes of events including courses, lectures, plant exchanges, social gatherings and visits to gardens. Members also have access to free gardening advice by telephone or e-mail and there are further membership privileges in the form of discounts at garden centres, travel and excursions, etc

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Gunnel Carlson. Photo: Maria Fredin Skoog

One Thousand Swedish Gardens Open to the Public

Gardens in Sweden
By Stella Westerlund, Marketing Manager, The Swedish Horticultural Society

One Sunday in August 2010, one thousand gardens, mostly private, were opened by their owners to the Swedish public for the first time during the country’s largest garden event “Tusen Trädgårdar”. It rained in many parts of the country, and the website coordinating the event was temporarily blocked by curious visitors planning their visits. But rain never discourages garden lovers and the success of it was evident.
 The event is now a biennale: in 2012 the number of gardens opened increased and so did the number of visitors, now over 100,000. There is no screening system or jury judging the gardens. It is all done according to the Swedish democratic tradition. If your garden means a lot to you, you can share it and meet others for inspiring talks on design and plants. In 2016, the event will take place in July 3.
The organizers are Trädgårdsriket, a garden website, run by television presenter and writer Gunnel Carlson, one of the country’s best-loved garden personalities, Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård (The Swedish Horticultural Society), and Studiefrämjandet, one of Sweden’s Associations for Adult Education.
A lot of the gardens are also open by appointment at other times. Among the many beautiful parks and botanical gardens, which you should not miss, are the gardens of the famous botanist Linnaeus in Uppsala, and the parks in the town of Enköping, famous for their planting schemes by Dutch nurseryman and garden guru Piet Oudolf.
Welcome to visit thousands of Swedish gardens!
For more information, please visit www.tradgard.org and www.tradgardsriket.se.

Additional information
In Sweden, gardening is very popular, second only to walking as an outdoor leisure activity. There are 2.6 million gardens available to 6.6 million people among a total population of 9 million. Growing your own food is a global trend; in Sweden 88% of gardeners do so in their gardens and allotments or on their balconies and windowsills.
(From a report published 2012by Fritidsodlingens Riksorganisation)

Text written for Scan Magazine April 2013.

Free photos at

http://www.tradgard.org/press/index.html   Tusen Trädgårdar




Pressrelease for event on July 3, 2016



Rose and iron


"Take thy plastic spade,
It is thy pencil; take thy seeds, thy plants,
They are thy colours."
~William Mason,
The English Garden, 1782

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